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bonefishBonefishing in the Florida Keys can be very challenging. Some days it just seems they're a lot smarter than we are. Other days they can be dumb as rocks. I always hope for the latter! The Keys produce bonefish year round. But the best times are when the temperatures are stable throughout the day. So Spring and Fall can produce some of the most consistent fishing. However. Winter and Summer should not be overlooked. You just have to be flexible. In the summer you should be on your first spot ready to fish as the sun is just coming up. Bonefish will feed when it is comfortable enough. So there is a real premium on the first few hours of the day. The last couple hours of visibility, can be equally rewarding. It is common to get as many opportunities fishing only in the morning or the evening as you would fishing all day in the Spring or Fall. Winter can be the most difficult, if we are having a severe cold front. But again, flexibility is the key to success. By fishing when the sun is at its highest point, you get the warmest temps and the best visibility.

Frequently, when I have an angler that only has bonefish on his or her mind, I will start the day at around 10 am. We then fish until the conditions tell us to stop. I feel this method gives us increased odds of actually finding and getting realistic shots.



tarponIn the Florida Keys, you have a realistic chance of catching a Tarpon year round. There are little tarpon in the backcountry and around the bridges all the time. But again, the temperatures are key. Tarpon are very sensitive to cold, but heat is much less of a factor. In fact, I believe heat is what really drives the fishery. In the early spring, Big Tarpon show up when it gets nice but they will disappear for several days if we have a late season Cold front sneak through. You can catch Tarpon many different ways. Most of my clients in the Spring are fly fishermen. This requires focus and determination. You may see many dozen Tarpon swim right by you and ignore every thing about you and the fly. But you never know when the right fish is going to come by and climb all over your next cast. Once you have seen this happen for the first time, I believe you will feel as I do. That this is the most fun specie of fish you can target with a fly rod!


permitPermit, are the most predictably, unpredictable fish that we have. You can be happily poling around, thinking about a totally different fish, when all of a sudden, there is a permit floating right in front of you.

I have had anglers catch permit virtually year round. In water as cold as 66 degrees and as hot as you can possibly imagine. Of course there are times when they are much more targetable. Spring and Fall stand out as they do for many fish, salt or fresh water.

There are also times when they are more prone to lay up on rock piles and wrecks in ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. They require different techniques than permit on the flats, but they can be very aggressive eaters, especially if you find them in good moving current with sargasso grass floating on the surface.

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